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When it comes to online adult games, nothing quite tops playing as pablo escobar and taking over the sex, drug and porn underworld.

Narcos XXX which was inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar and the popular netflix series "Narcos", is the next big game, it has been beautifully designed on the Unity engine, making every single detail of the game stand out and look as real as possible, even the sex scenes are outstanding.

Once you have signed up, loaded the game and signed in, you will have the option to dive straight into the gameplay or read the instructions. Its a good idea to take a read of all the keybindings and the aim of the game, that way you wont get lost on your adventure of domination.

Once you have read the documents and ready to play, you can next choose if you want to play as the drug kingpin, or as the police. Choose who you want and then head on over to the customisation screen, where you can pick how you want your character to look.

Storyline and Game Play

The game starts with you playing in first person as the character you choose to play as. Depending on who you chose to play, you will have to play though a series of events and encounters to survive and ultimately get as many drugs and girls as possible.

Some of the situations you will face, range from escaping prison and destroying fellow drug dealers labs, but the most fun places you will find yourself in is dealing with prostitutes and in brothels.

The game has a very addictive storyline that has been very well thought of and set up, with mini side stories that you could encounter if you choose the wrong path.

As soon as you enter the game you are instantly dropped into a sex scene on a boat, to where you are captured and have to find a way to escape and get back to where all the fun is going down. You will need to hurry, time will not be on your side and the last thing you want is someone else taking what you have worked hard for.

nude female from a sex scene on narcos xxx

When and if you finally escape and make it out safely, its time to go and get the girls and make sure your drug empire is not ruined. Once this happens you will start to engage in the sexual side of Narcos xxx and see just how perfect this game has been set up to make the sex scenes look real and high definition.

If you are thinking about playing this fantastic porn game and becoming the drug and sex lord of the virtual city, then you can take a trial and try out the game for free.

Controlling the Narcotics World

When it comes to controlling the drug empire, it is best to play as Pablo Escobar, however, you can choose to play as the police and take a different approach to the underworld.

Now, when you play the role of a police office in this game, you can take the direction of a law abiding officer, or a corrupt cop that wants a piece of the action when it comes to profiting off drugs and having sex with beautiful women.

Most people would prefer to play as the king of the empire, but the option to follow the law and rid the world of cocaine and hookers is there.

In the most recent update of the game, it is now available on iPhone iOS, and Android, so now you mobile users can pull your phone out anytime you want and start gaming.

a narcos sex scene

Narcos XXX Character Selection

When you are ready to play the game, you will come to the character selection screen, where you will be able to choose from a three characters that are Pablo, Valeria or Horatio, all have different perks and abilities that will help you throughout the game.


The main character that most players choose is none other than the king himself, Pablo. Choosing him as your main character you get to choose between two boosts.

  • Cocaine - +20 Health
  • Armoured vest - +50 Armor

Once you have chosen which boost you would like to enter the game with, its time to get some weapons.

  • 9MM Handgun - +1 Precision
  • Sawed Off Shotgun - +1 Damage


Another character that is popular amongst the porn lovers out there, is the woman that dated Pablo at one point in his life,  Valeria. You can customise the size of this stunning virtual beauties breasts and ass, which in turn give her extra abilities.

The smaller you set the characters breasts, the more agility you receive but get a decrease in stamina, in turn, the more you increase the size of the breasts the more stamina you receive, but get a decrease in agility.

Just like the boobs, the stats you get depend on how much you customise her ass, the smaller you go the less stamina you receive but get more agility, the bigger the ass gets the lower the agility will be, but the increase of stamina will be worth it.


Now we are on to the good guys of the game, if you choose to play as Horatio akaColonel Carrillo, you will be playing as the police.

Choosing this character is good because it makes the game easier, however, easy is not always fun.

With Horatio, you get to choose items and weapons that will help you survive as a police office in a virtual world full of drugs and violence.

  • Pills - +50 Health
  • Armoured Vest - +20 Armor

A good police officer is only as good as his weapons, on the next screen you will be able to chose from weapons that you will carry.

  • 99MM Handgun +1 Precision
  • Machine Gun - +1 Damage
The character select screen for narcos xxx porn game

Completing The Game

The ending of the game is different for all the characters, and is based upon which path you decided to take throughout the encounters you embarked upon.

We wont spoil it for you, but with users playing the game over and over again once completed says that the ending is very fun.

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